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Feedback from Teachers & Pupils
Feedback from primary school teachers who have used The Phoenix of Persia book, music and resource pack in the classroom:
“A great way to introduce children to different cultures”
“Learning about culture through music is invaluable. The children receive weekly music lessons but this experience was very different for them and helps them to understand the wider world”
“The story was beautiful and it was nice to learn about how music can make a story come to life. As a deaf person, I have never thought about music in this way before”
“A wonderful idea for introducing new rhythms to the children. The flashcards were really helpful. The children really enjoyed creating their own rhythms and playing them on instruments. They also enjoyed seeing the zither up close and feeling the vibrations”
Feedback from pupils:
“I like learning about music and storytelling. Music makes stories interesting”
What pupils learnt from the story:
“I learnt that people are all different and we should make everyone feel good about themselves”
“I learned that everyone is different and it does not matter. We should celebrate differences”
“I have learned that no matter what you look like you can still achieve your goals”
“I learnt that you should always right your wrongs”
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